Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation must be done within 48 hours of scheduled appointment time, otherwise you be charged for the full session. Cancellations will have to wait 30 days to reschedule appointment. No Shows are Non-refundable.

What’s the difference between a life coach, relationship coach, and business coach?

The term ‘life coach’ encompasses a range of areas. Within these areas, a coach may choose to hone in on a specific topic such as life, wellness, and relationships. 

Business coaches have expertise in the business world and therefore choose to coach individuals looking to excel in business. This could include entrepreneurs, company owners, CEOs or even employees.

Sex & Relationship Coaching is for women and men who want extraordinary relationships and mind-blowing sex, connection and intimacy. Every coaching session is transformational and unique to the individual.

Luckily, I have experience with all three and can provide both services!

What can a Coach help me with?

Life coaches utilize techniques to help their clients in all aspects of life. If you’ve ever struggled with something – whether it be sticking to a diet, learning a language, moving out of your comfort zone, improving your confidence or self-esteem, then consulting a life coach could help you.

A life coach will approach things pragmatically. Through questions and exercises, he or she will try to get an idea of how you perceive the world. From this, they will be able to identify the most effective route to your goal. Some people feel intimidated by the idea of change and so need to take things slowly to fulfill their goals. In this situation, a life coach might divide ultimate goals into smaller bite-sized pieces. Other people may get impatient and lose interest. In this situation, a life coach might suggest introducing stronger reminders and incentives to keep them on track.

However you approach life, your life coach will be able to tailor your sessions to fit. Subjects life coaches deal with include: 

Relationships – Do you wish you had the confidence to approach someone you like romantically? Do you struggle with commitment? Are you struggling to cope with a divorce? A life coach could help you to understand your love-life and work towards improving it.

Business life – Starting and running a business is tough work. Sometimes we get so absorbed in hard work we neglect ourselves. Life coaches can help build confidence, develop leadership skills, enhance decision-making and asses your work/life balance.

Personal life – Do you feel like you’re not making the most of life? There’s so much to see, do and learn in this world, but often a lack of confidence, time and will-power can cause us to stay inside our comfort zones, doing nothing. Life coaches use specialist skills to motivate their clients to do the things they want to do, see and achieve, so they can finally fight the urge to procrastinate.

Performance – Improvement is at the heart of life coaching. Whatever your skill, life coaching could help improve it. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a writer, a performer, or a musician – adopting specialist techniques will help you to push your limitations and exceed expectations.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

You can have as many or as few life coaching sessions as you like. Because many life coaches operate over the phone or via the Internet, the sessions can easily fit around your schedule. Some people hire a life coach once every few months, some people have a session once a week. Often, it is entirely up to you to decide. We will decide on a plan together after the initial consultation call.

Can I have coaching online or by telephone?

Coaching will be done Online through Zoom, a video-conference platform.

What is the process to get started?

  1. Book an appointment.
  2. Fill Out Intake Form
  3. Receive introduction email and payment invoice. (You will receive full details, payment info, welcome packet (Payment for Consultation (55 euros +21% tax)
  4. Payment made within 48 hours of booked appointment. If payment is not made within 48 hours, appointment will automatically be cancelled.

How does Zoom work?

30 minutes before the session you will receive a Zoom link. Zoom is an online web conference platform. Before our session, please make sure you are in a comfortable, quiet, and private place. Silence all notifications on computer and email. Make sure you are free from all distractions. 30 minutes before the session you will receive a Zoom link.

What languages do we offer our services in?

We offer our coaching sessions in English and Polish.

What additional options do you have for coaching?

If we feel that your needs are out of our scope of practice, we are partnered with additional specialists to help you obtain your best results. We can refer you to one of our trusted partners.

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